Passivation spherical magnesium powder


CAS: 7439-95-4
Molecular formula:Mg
Molecular weight: 24.31
Description: Silver meta
Uses: The passivated spherical magnesium powder is used for desulfurization and deoxygenation in the production of quality steel. It can reduce the sulfur element in quality steel to less than 0.004% and is irreplaceable by other desulfurizers in improving the quality of steel. In the production of spheroidal graphite cast iron it can replace iron-silicon-magnesium intermediate alloy and serve as a nodulizer. In the exploitation of petroleum it can be used for restoring and accelerating the approach velocity of pressure drilling and oil well. In the chemical and military industries it can serve as an effective dehydrant and combustion improver. It is also the raw material of magnesium alloy powder metallurgy.


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