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Product Name: SBA-15
Structure of SBA-15 is composed of block copolymer as template under acidic conditions in the synthesis of two-dimensional hexagonal structure with a silicon-based mesoporous molecular sieves. And SBA-3 and MCM-41 is different between the two-dimensional pore connection.
Specifications SiO2/Al2O3 ≥ 500mol
BET surface area m2 / g: ≥ 650
Relative crystallinity: ≥ 90%
Na2O: ≤ 0.1%
Loss on ignition: ≤ 5%
Aperture :6-10nm
Content: 99 (%)
Characteristics and applications and SBA-3, MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieve compared to other, SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve with a larger diameter, thicker pore walls and higher pore volume, but also has better thermal stability of the water Nature, is conducive to its high temperature, the reaction system, the application of water, so in catalysis, separation, and other areas of biology and nano-materials have wide application prospects. Can be used in redox, pH, polymerization reactions, the photocatalytic reaction, esterification, Fischer-Tropsch reaction, chiral synthesis catalyst can be used for the adsorption separation and enzyme immobilization, as well as the template synthesis of nanowires and other nano-functional materials .
Instructions sealed.
This product is not toxic, but improper use can cause respiratory, eye slight stimulation, direct contact may cause dry skin. Recommended to wear masks and gloves when using.

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