Ni nanopowder


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Product name : Ni nanopowder
Chemical name : Nickel nanopowder
CAS No. : 7440-02-0
Specification :

Products are classified
Average particle size (nm)
Purity (%)
Specific surface area (m 2 / g)
Bulk density (g / cm 3)
> 99.9
Nearly spherical
> 99.0
Main characteristics :
Nano-nickel powder, ultrafine nickel powder prepared by a special process method, which combines the electrolytic nickel powder, and to restore the advantages of nickel powder and atomized nickel powder in one, high-purity nickel content of not less than 99.5%, carbon, phosphorus, low content of sulfur, oxygen and other elements, controlled particle size, loose than controlled powder compression performance, good mobility.
Applications :
1.A magnetic fluid using nanoscale iron, cobalt nano, nano nickel nano-alloy powder produced by the magnetic fluid performance excellent, can be widely used to seal the damping, medical equipment, sound control, light display;
2.Efficient catalysts: nano-nickel ultrafine nickel powder due to the large specific surface area and high activity of nanosized nickel powder has a strong catalytic effect, can be used in organic hydrogenation, automotive exhaust gas;
3 efficient accelerant: nano-nickel powder added to the rocket's solid fuel propellant can significantly improve fuel combustion speed, combustion heat, improving the stability of combustion:
4 conductive paste: electronic paste is widely used in the microelectronics industry in the wiring, packaging, connectivity plays an important role in the miniaturization of microelectronic devices. With the superior performance of nickel, copper, aluminum, silver nano powder made of electronic slurry, the line further miniaturization;
5 high-performance electrode materials: nano-nickel powder, and auxiliary and appropriate technology, can create a huge surface area electrodes can significantly improve the discharge efficiency;
Activated sintering additives: nano powder due to surface area and surface atomic proportion, and therefore have a high energy state sintering at lower temperatures, there is an effective sintering additives can significantly reduce the sintering temperature of powder metallurgy products and high-temperature ceramic products;
7, the surface of metal and non-metallic conductive coating processing: nano aluminum, nano copper, nano nickel-activated surface, under anaerobic conditions in the temperature below the powder melting point of the coating. This technique can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices.

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