Nanometer Zinc Oxide HTZn


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Product Name:Nanometer Zinc Oxide HTZn
Introduction to the Product: They are white or pale yellow powder in appearance with a grain size of 20 nm for HTZn-01 and 40 nm for HTZn-02. Due to their superfine grain and large specific surface area, they have the special property and purpose which the ordinary products of zinc oxide are unable to compare with. The other types of the product are divided according to the different surface treatment from HTZn-03 to HTZn-06.
Characteristics of the Product:These series products have been subject to organic or inorganic cladding treatment, to enable them to have better dispersivity in the operating system.These series products have many peculiar functions of screening ultraviolet ray, absorbing ultrared ray, sterilization and health protection, lowering temperature or heat insulation. Nano zinc oxide can improve the wear ability and tear resistance of rubber and improve the comprehensive mechanical property. Due to itsunique antibacterial function, the wear-resistant zinc oxide is widely used in the advanced antibacterial and self-cleaning ceramics, floor tile, coating, plastics and so forth. It also can be used to make piezoresistor, phosphor, and image recording material etc for its excellent electrical and optical properties.
Scope of Application :
1.Vulcanized active agent in rubber industry, catalytic additive in petrochemical industry, the first-choice material in automobile tyre, aircraft tyre and industrial cable trade and zinc oxide ceramics.
2.Used in coating, paint, transparent rubber, emulsion and plastics trades to increase the strength, compactness, adhesion and high cleanliness of the product.
3.Antimicrobial and bacteriostatic agent, deodorant, medical and sanitary bactericidal material, glass and ceramic bactericidal and self-cleaning material, bactericidal dressing used in medical trade.
4.Electronic industry, instrumental industry, manufacture, electrical device, radio, wireless fluorescence lamp, image recorder, rheostat, phosphor.
5.Sunscreening agent used in cosmetics, antibacterial and health protection antiager.
6.War industry: ultrared ray absorbent.

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