Nanometer Silicon Oxide HTSi


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Product Name:Nanometer Silicon Oxide HTSi

Introduction to the Product:Due to the small grain size, large specific surface area, unsaturated and defective surface and more alkyl with different bonding state, the property of these materials will change remarkably compared with the ordinary micron-silicon oxide when it is added to other materials. Therefore it has wide prospects of application in many industrial fields. HTSi-01 has large specific surface area, and HTSi-02 has secondary specific surface area. The other types of this product are divided according to the different surface treatment from HTSi-03 to HTSi-08.

Characteristics of the Product:
This is a non-toxic, odourless and non-polluting inorganic non-metallic material with stable chemical property. After surface treatment, it has good hydrophilicity or lipophilicity. This product is available in multiple forms, either in powder, slurry or transparent liquid and can also be used as ultraviolet or ultrared ray reflecting material. In addition to the specification in the following table, we can prepare nano silicon oxide of different grain size, different specific surface area and different treated form at the request of the user.

Scope of Application:
1.Chemical industry, plastics, coating, rubber, pigment, sealant, fibreglass reinforced plactics, high-grade organic glass.
2.Electronics, electronic packaging material, ferrite material, battery.
3.Ceramics, nanoceramics, composite ceramic substrate.
4.Medicine and pesticide carrier, artificial teeth.
5.Cosmetic trade, uvioresistant meterial.
6.Antibacterial material.
7.Optical and lighting fixture.
8.War industry: Used in stealthy coating and armoured composite material.
9.Building and water-proof materials.

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