Nanometer Aluminum Oxide HTAl


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Product Name:Nanometer Aluminum Oxide HTAl
Introduction to the Product:The product is a white loose powder, and is mainly divided into two types according to the different crystals: α and γ. The crystal of HTAl-01 is α-nm Al2O3, its grain size ≤80nm, specific surface area ≤10m2/g. The crystal of HTAl-02 is γ-nm Al2O3, its grain size ≤20nm and specific surface area ≤200 m2/g with well dispersed and high purity. The other types of the product are divided according to the different surface treatment from HTAl-03 to HTAl-06.
Characteristics of the Product:Due to its small grain size, nano aluminum oxide can be used to make artificial jewel, analytical reagent, nano catalyst and carrier. It can greatly improve the luminous intensity, when used in the luminescent material. For the plasticization and reinforcement of ceramics and rubber, it is better than the ordinary aluminum oxide by several times, especially for the improvement of the compactness,finish and fatigue resistance of ceramics. Nano aluminum oxide is mainly used in the principal fittings of YGA laser crystal and the base plate of integrated circuit as well as in coating to improve its wear ability.
Scope of Application :
1.Transparent ceramics: high voltage sodium lamp.
2.Additives of cosmetic.
3.Monocrystal, carbuncle, sapphire, white stone, yttrium aluminitum garnet (YAG).
4.High strength alumina ceramics, C base plate, packaging materials, cutting-tool, high purity crucible, spool, bombardment target, furnace tube.
5.Fine polishing material, glass, metal, semiconductor materials, plastic, magnetic tape, grinding belt.
6.Coating, rubber, wear resistant reinforce of plastic products, hydrophobic material.
7.Materials made by vapor deposition, fluorescent materials, special glass and composite materials.
8.Activator, catalytic carrier, analytical reagent.
9.The forward side of aerospaceaircraft wing.

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