Nanometer alumina liquid


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Product name:Nanometer alumina liquid
Still keeping single dispersing nanometer particles after storage for a long time. Keeping stable after diluting many times
0.5%-5% , user should choose the best dosage through tests in different systems.
Package : 10kg/drum
1.Stable crystal type and particle size;
2.High rigidity;
3.Widely used in plastic, rubber, pottery, firematerial and so on to improve tensity and toughness.
4.Specially used in pottrery to improve density, luster, resistance to heat and cold, rupture toughness, anti-wriggle and resistance to grindinggreatly.
5.Good far-infrared emission and heat preservation material, used in chemical textile and high-voltage nadium bulb.
6.High resistance and good isolation, used in main fittings of YGA laser crystal and integrate circuit base basis board.

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