Nano silver antibacterial liquid


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Product name:Nano silver antibacterial liquid
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Application:plastic, textile, paint, paper, filter, anti-bacterial
Usage :
1. Household electric appliance:
Plastics components (inner, housing) of washing Machine and refrigerator
Automatic-dishwasher/Humidifier/Air cleaner
Kitchen plastic wares (dish, chopping board)
Housing and filter of clean-water machine
2. Synthetic fibers:
Acryl / Polyester / Nylon
3. Construction materials
Water Tank / Paints / Bathtub / Laminated paper / F.R.P. Cooling tower
/ Cement / Mixture of soil, sand to flowerpot and playground
4. Wrapping and putting:
Film (PET, Nylon, P.E) / Wrap (PVC, P.E) / All sorts of vinyl / Corrugated cardboard
5. Paper:
Wall paper / Antibiotic paper / Medical chart paper
6. Stationery and Toy:
Crayon pastel / Case of ball-point pen / Eraser / Plastics components of toy
7. Cosmetic:
Foundation / Cream / Lipstick / Puff / Hairbrush
Product description:
Silver/Ag ions are known as the material to sterilize about 650 kinds of harmful bacteria and microbes, by repressing their smooth metabolism function.
Nano as very small particle size means 10-9(1nm) and it is the size to correspond to 1/100,000 of our hair thickness. Nano Silver is specially to be processed as small as nano particle size with normal Ag to have antibacterial and sterilizing function by using the technology to form and synthesize a nano particle in various solvents.

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