Nano Nickel Powder


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Product name:Nano Nickel Powder

Formula :Ni
CAS No. : 7440-02-0

Specification :

Crystal phase
Particle size:
Apparent density
Tap density
Melting Point



Nano Nickel Powder

Nano Nickel Powder

1. Efficient Combustion Improver
Adding nano nickel powder into the solid fuel propellant of the rocket can greatly increase combustion heat and combustion efficiency of the fuel and improve combustion stability.
2. Conductive Paste
The electronic paste is widely used for the wiring, connecting, and packaging in microelectronics industry. It plays an important role in the miniaturization of microelectronic devices. Electronic paste made from nickel nanoparticles has excellent performance and is beneficial to the further miniaturization of lines.
3. Magnetic Fluid
Magnetic fluid made of iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloy particles has excellent performance and is widely used for sealing, shock absorption, sound regulation, light display, etc.
4. Efficient Catalyst
Due to its large specific surface and high activity, the nano nickel powder has extremely strong catalyzing effect. It can be used for hydrogenation of organics, automobile exhaust treatment, etc.
5. High-performance Electrode
Electrode with huge surface area can be made by the nickel nanoparticles with some proper processes, which can greatly improve the discharge efficiency.
6. Activated Sintering Additive
The nano powder has large surface area and superficial atom ratio, so it is in a high-energy state. It has strong sintering ability at low temperature and is thus an efficient sintering additive which can significantly reduce the sintering temperature of the powder metallurgy products and high temperature ceramic products.
7. Surface Conductive Coating Processing of Metal and Non-metal
Because of its highly activated surface, the nano nickel can coat under anaerobic condition at a temperature lower than its melting point. This technology can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices.

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