Nano Iron Powder


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Product name :Nano Iron Powder
1. High-performance Magnetic Recording Material
With large coercive force, large saturation magnetization, high signal-to-noise ratio, good oxidation resistance and other advantages, the nano iron powder can be used to improve the performance of the magnetic tape as well as large-capacity soft and hard disks.
2. Magnetic Fluid
The magnetic fluid made of iron nanoparticles has outstanding performance and is widely used in sealing, shock absorption, medical equipment, acoustic adjustment, optical display, and other fields.
3. Microwave Absorbing Material
The nano iron powder has special absorption to electromagnetic wave and thus can be used as high-performance military using invisible material for millimeter waves, stealth materials for visible light to infrared, structured stealth material, and cell phone radiation shielding material.
4. Magnetic-conductive Paste
Due to the features of large saturation magnetization and high permeability, the iron nanoparticles can be used to make magnetic-conductive paste for the bonding structure of fine magnetic heads.
5. Nano-directing Agent
With magnetism, the iron nanoparticles can be used to make directing agents which enable drugs to gather somewhere inside the body under the action of external magnetic field, thus achieving high concentration drug treatment to the pathological position. This is particularly suitable for cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases with fixed lesions.

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