Nano Cobalt Powder


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Product name:Nano Cobalt Powder
Product description :

The nano cobalt powder with different grain sizes appears black to dark black and there is no agglomeration. The particle is spherical. Our product has uniform particle size distribution, good dispersibility, high oxidation temperature and good sintering shrinkage. We can produce ultrafine cobalt powder with the average particle size of 20 to 300nm. Products with other specifications can also be made as per customers' requests. The product is packaged by an anti-static plastic bag and each bag contains 100 to 1000 grams of the product.
The nano cobalt powder is widely used in aviation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, chemical and ceramic industries. The cobalt-based alloy or cobalt-containing alloy steel can be used to make jet engine, rocket engine, missile parts, blade and impeller of the gas turbine, as well as various high-load heat-resistant components in chemical equipment. It is an important metal material in the atomic energy industry. As the binder in the powder metallurgy, cobalt enables hard alloys to have a certain degree of toughness. It is also an important part of the permanent magnetic alloy. Magnetic alloys are indispensable in modern electronic and electromechanical industries, which can be used to produce various units for acoustic, optical, electric and magnetic devices. In the chemical industry, cobalt can work as catalyzer, desiccant, etc. It can also be used to make pigment, enamel, colored glass, high alloy, anticorrosive alloy, and so on.

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