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Product Name: MCM-48
Molecular sieve MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieves are M41S series with uniformity of about 2.6 nm diameter and about two separate three-dimensional helical pore network structure. %
Characteristics and Applications
MCM-48 has good long-range order and high thermal stability. In the selective catalytic, adsorption and separation of macromolecules, nano-assembly and other aspects of clusters has a very attractive prospect, can be used as adsorbent, catalytic materials and the main material to synthesize a new type of electron transfer photosensitizers, semiconductor materials, carbon fiber, Nonlinear optical materials and quantum clusters and so on. Because of its large aperture can be adsorbed from the water in the well Hg, Pb, Ag, Cd and other ionic radius, which is difficult to be adsorbed by molecular sieve porous metal ions. High content of sulfate ions in the case, you can remove low concentrations of chromate and arsenate, but also organic pollutants in wastewater treatment in benzene, toluene and volatile organic compounds.
This product is non-toxic, improper use may cause respiratory, eye slight stimulation, direct contact can cause dry skin. Recommended to wear masks and gloves when using

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