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Product Name: MCM-41
MCM-41 is a quaternary ammonium salt as a template, were prepared in alkaline conditions, with a hexagonal ordered pore structure and long-range order of mesoporous molecular sieve. The Si-Al ratio can be adjusted from 20 to infinity, the aperture size can be synthesized with different conditions between 2 ~ 5 nm in the regulation.
Characteristics and Applications
MCM-41 molecular sieves with uniform pore size is a long-range ordered mesoporous materials with high BET surface area, large adsorption capacity, uniform in the pore structure characteristics of the residue catalytic cracking, hydrogenation of heavy oil, lubricating oil hydrogenation , Alkylation, olefin polymerization, CO2 and CH4 in the separation of acid catalysis and separation process in the petrochemical industry has considerable potential applications in heterogeneous catalysis, ion exchange, sensing technology, and Advanced Inorganic Materials for Adsorption and Separation And other fields have a higher value.
This product is non-toxic, improper use may cause respiratory, eye slight stimulation, direct contact can cause dry skin. Recommended to wear masks and gloves when using.

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