Nano-zno zinc oxide nanopowder/nanoparticles


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Product name:Nano-zno zinc oxide nanopowder/nanoparticles
CAS No : 
Description :
The product has excellent property of anti-UV,anti-bacterial,is widely used in the field of coating,ink,painting,plastic to improve their brightness,
machenism strength,heat-resistance,anti-aging,wear-resistance.
Specification :

Item no
White powder
White powder
White powder
Purity ﹪
Loss on dry ﹪
Loss on burning ﹪
Average particle size nm
Content of Pb in PbO ﹪
Content of Mn in MnO﹪
Content of Cu in CuO﹪

Application :
1.The product can be used in the field of rubber, chemical and oil industry,zinc ceramic,Car Tire,Cable Industry,aircraft tire.
2.The product can be used in the field of coating,painting,plastic to improve the property of strength, compactness,brightness,adhesive and smoothness.
3.The product can be used on anti-bacterial agents and odor-removing material,Medical Health,textile antibacterial agents.
4.The product can be used on ceramics and sunscreen to do the function of anti-bacterial, gather, anti-aging, whiten and moisten the skin
5.The product can be used on electronic industry, instrument industry, radio, electronic parts, EIB devices,image recorder, fluorescence,
6.The product can be used in the field of textile to improve property of anti-UV,absorbing infrared ray,anti-bacterial,warm.
7.The product can be used in the field of military-industry to absorbing infrared ray.
Package : 25KG/barrel

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