Nano -zno zinc oxide nanopowder/nanoparticles for textile


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Product name : Nano -zno zinc oxide nanopowder/nanoparticles for textile
CAS No. :
Property :
Effectively screen ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray.
Effective sterilization.
Small size; big specific surface.
Product introduction :
Nanometer Zinc Dioxide(VK-J30)is a new type of textile auxiliaries with good dispersion, small size, high whiteness and weakened alkaline ,whose surface has been handled through a special process by our company. The product is an ideal UV shielding agent, can be widely used in textiles because it has antibacterial, antifungal and deodorizing functions and has a broad UV shielding range. The product exists in the state of single nano-particle in the dispersion,so when the dispersion touches fiber, single nano-particle will combine with fiber chemical bond. Then the textile products will have high wash-resistance, wear-resistance and antibacterial properties.

Specification :

Item no
yellow powder
Surface Properties
PH value
Particle size,nm
Loss on drying 105℃、2h (%)
Loss on ignition(%)

Applications :
1. Add 0.5% Nano-finishing agent of nano-zinc oxide (VK-J30) to textiles can improve wrinkle resistance of cotton, silk fabrics, make Cotton fabrics have good UV resistance and antimicrobial property and make textiles have high whiteness, wash-resistance, wear-resistance and antibacterial properties.
2. When you add the product in Synthetic textiles, it can significantly improve UV resistance and antibacterial property of Viscose fiber, synthetic fiber products.
Addition: 0.5-2%
Packing: 20 kg / barrel

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