Nano silver antimicrobial


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Product name:Nano silver antimicrobial
Main ingredients : nanometer size titanium dioxide carrying Ag ion permutoid.
Specification :

Item No.
White powder
White Slurry
Major ingredien
Nanometer titanium
dioxide carrying Ag ion
Nanometer titanium
dioxide carrying Ag ion
APS (nm)
Valuable content (wt) %
Average Granule Diameter(nm)
≤30, 30-50
Loss on drying(wt)%
PH value (1:10)
Content of Ti(wt)%
Content of Ag(wt)%
Content of Zr(wt)%
Content of Zn(wt)%
Content of As mg/kg
Heavy metal (as Pb. ) mg/kg

Characteristic :
1. The product carrys Nanometer titanium dioxide (TiO2) which can kill and degrade bacteria, virus and organism in the visible light and Ultraviolet light and Nanometer silver ion which can kill virus and is antibacterial without light.
2. Nanometer antimicrobial agents can not only kill bacteria, viruses; but also decompose residues of bacteria, viruses by photocatalytic
3. The product exsits in single nano particle size,and has uniform particle size.
4. The product has high heat-resistiance property such as the temperature of 1000°C,and keep the same colour for a long time
5. Nanometer antimicrobial is safe, Non-toxic, harmless, non-volatile, non-leaching, and environmental protection.
6. Nanometer antimicrobial have little impact on product’s transparency or color.
7. The product is acid-proof alkaline,wash-resistance,anti-aging and the bacteria can’t develop a progressive resistance to our product.
Application :
1.the product can be widely used on all kinds of plastic, Refrigerator、 washing-machine,TV,camera,telephone, Computer Keyboard, power switch, household appliances
2. the product can be widely used on chemical industry, building materials:cement,coating,painting, decorative material, wallpaper
3.the product can be used in the field of chemical fiber,clothes,towel, Gloves, shoes, socks, and underclothing
4. the product can be used in the field of paper products such as office paper, household paper, paper cups, packing paper, kraft paper, toilet paper, sanitary napkin,
5. .the product can be widely used on all kinds of toys, daily necessities, stationery, Package,
6. the product can be used in the field of Health Care: Medical ,facilities such as syringe , transfusion system, operating theatre
Dosage :
Recommended addition level 0.5-2%, Or according to results of experiments.
Packing : 
25kgs/ barrel

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