Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder/nanoparticles for ceramics


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Product name : Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder/nanoparticles for ceramics
CAS No. : 13463-67-7
Molecular formula: TiO2
Molecular weigh: 79.88
Property :
1. The product has good property of photo catalytic and excellent transparency, can break up poisonous gases and some inorganic compounds and restrain bacterial as well as viruses growth.
2.The product has an impact of purifying air, killing bacteria, eliminating stink and proof mildew ,can be widely used in the field of ceramics.
3. The product is not poisonous and nontoxic, and has a good compatibility with other raw materials.
Specification :

tem no
White powder
White powder
Surface property
PH value
Crystal type
Average particle size,nm
Content of TiO2 before handling% >
Surface handling agents
Nano SIO2
Nano SIO2 and others
Loss on dry (%)
Loss on ignition (%)
(As) ppm
(Pb) ppm

Application :
1.The product can be made of liquid by adding water, then apply the liquid on the surface of ceramic brick, you can get 1cm nanometer titanium film with the property of killing bacteria after heating in a high temperature. The film can completely kill bacteria on the surface in the light or even the weak light.
2. The product can make sterilization 99%, and the degradative rate of formaldehyde reach to 85% in the sunlight and 4W UV light.
3.Particle size of the product are combined with the surface of ceramic, so the product has strong property of wear resistance and the ceramic is not easy to shed off.
Antibacterial test report between common ceramic tiles and nano titanium dioxide ceramic tiles :

staphylococcus aureus (ATCC)
Exposure time (min) 2 4 8 16
2 4 8 16
nano titanium dioxide ceramic tiles80.6% 85.3% 90.8% 95.6%
81.2% 90.6% 95.2% 95.8%
common ceramic tiles 10.5% 19.7% 25.2% 35.4%
5.3% 18.9% 20.1% 21.2

Dosage : recommend adding amount: 1-5%
Package : 20kg/barrel

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