Nano titanium dioxide (tio2) nanopowder/nanoparticles for concrete


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Product name : Nano titanium dioxide (tio2) nanopowder/nanoparticles for concrete
CAS# : 
Molecular formula:TiO2
Molecular weigh: 79.88
Property :
1.The product has excellent property of photo catalytic and strong oxidation-reduction capacity in the shine of visible lights and UV lights owing to its small particle size and big surface area, it can completely separate poisonous organic gases such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, VOC, toluene into CO2 and H2O
2.The product has the property of hydrophilic,self-cleaning,and won’t produce the second pollution.
Specification :

Item no
White powder
PH Value
Average particle size,nm
Content of TiO2,% >

Application :
1.The product can be coated on the surface of engine, exhaust pipe, transformation device of cars to separate CO, nitrogen oxides to reduce pollutants produced by cars.
2.The product can be used in the field of concrete: add some powder of the product in cement to gain concrete, the pollutants in the air will be absorbed on the surface of concrete, then the nano titanium dioxide will do the function of removing the pollutants and purifying air.
3. The product can be used in the field of glass: coating the product on the surface of the glass can get a kind of cleaning glass.The surface of the glass has super hydropholic property after treatment.The property can make water molecule spread out completely and even on the surface of glass.Then the water can completely soak in the glass and carry pollutants out from the glass to keep clean.
4. The product can be used in the field of building material:our product can remove nitrogen oxides and other pollutants on the wall materials.
Package : 10kg/bag; 25kg/barrel

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