Single layer graphene(chemical method)


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Specification :

0.5~2 µm
0.8~1.2 nm
Single layer ratio
Product Description:
Dispersible graphene is prepared through the complete reduction of graphene oxide, which is prepared by the modified Hummer’s method. It should be noted that the graphene prepared by the usual method is easy to form the graphene aggregation. It is very hard, even its volume is much smaller than its parent material graphite. The resulting graphene agglomerate is not soluble or redispersable in water or other polar solvents, making further processing difficult. Our product Dispersible graphene overcome the challenge, and it can be redispersed in many solvents, such as in water, alcohol, acetone, DMF etc. Fig.1 shows the difference between dispersible graphene and non-redispersible graphene.
Fig. 1. The difference between dispersible graphene and non-redispersible graphene.
a) 100 mesh flake graphite;
b) Graphene prepared by the normal method, It is very hard, and it can not be redispersed in the solvents;
c) Dispersible graphene, loose, like ash
Fig. 2. The TEM photo of dispersible graphene

Fig. 3. The FT-IR spectra of graphene oxide (a) and dispersible graphene (b)

Fig. 4. The TG curve of graphene oxide (a) and dispersible graphene (b)
It should be noted that the product we supply is the single-layer (>80%) dispersible graphene, not graphene nanoplate. The thickness of graphene nanoplate is alway larger than 20 nm, therefore it always consists of more than 50 layer graphene, and it lose the intrinsic special properties of single-layer graphene.

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