Nanometer UV Shielding Powder HTU


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Product Name:Nanometer UV Shielding Powder HTU
Introduction to the Product:It is nanometer mixture powder which can shield ultraviolet ray, sun screen and is surface treated and resist aging. According to different mixture ratio of the materials, the series can be divided into HTU-01 and HTU-02. The product has the properties of durability and UV shielding, so that it can be used in the field of rubber, UV shielding plastic membrane products, coating, printing ink, fiber with the function of UV shielding and sunscreen cosmetics etc.
Characteristics of the Product:
1.It have intensive effect of absorbing UV ray in the wavelength of 250-380nm, so it can protect our skin from hurt of UVA and UVB.
2.It can keep the products bright in color, and increase the life 10-20 times.
3.The series are odorless, non-toxic and no stimulating on the skin.
4.It has good properties of lipophilicity and hydrophilicity, so it has good dispersion in the solvent and plastic.
5.The product be added into the solvent directly, melt state materials. It can be prepared to masterbatch of which content is 10-20% when added into polymer.
Scope of Application:
1.Fiber with the function of UV shielding, like clothes, fabric, protective clothing and work clothes.
2.Cosmetics like sunscreen cream and talc powder.
3.Plastic, coating and printing ink with the property of shielding UV.

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