Nanometer Negative Ion Powder HTQ


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Product Name:Nanometer Negative Ion Powder HTQ
Introduction to the product :The appearance of HTQ-01 is grey black, HTQ-02 is light grey powder, and HTQ-03 is white powder. Products of the series are processed with natural materials with advantaged nanometer technology. Research proves that negative ion powder is greatly helpful to the vigor of human body and the improvement of inhabitant environment.
Characteristics of the Product:The series is natural, odorless, non-toxic and safe. It can purify the air, eliminate the weariness and promote the health. In addition, the series of products can control and kill bacteria and .deodorize the air. The product can be applied in textile fibers, which can be woven into fabrics. Clothes made of the fabrics can release negative ions to improve the vigor and get rid of waste in human body. Meanwhile, the clothes will retain its functions after washing. Besides, the products are also used in interior paints and lacquers, or directly usedin room as air purifier and deodorizer.
Application Scope:
1.Textile fibers: Fabrics of terylene, polyester and polypropylene etc., such as clothes, beddings, curtains, table cloth and towels.
2.Decoration materials: Interior decoration materials including paints, lacquers, wall papers, wall cloth etc.
3.Home appliances: Air conditioners, moisture removers etc.
4.Shoe materials: Shoe pads, soles etc.

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