Nanometer Inorganic Anti-bacterial Powder HTB


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Product Name:Nanometer Inorganic Anti-bacterial Powder HTB
Introduction to the Product:These series products of nanometer inorganic anti-bacterial powder are independently developed by our company. This material of anti-bacterial doped Ag+ or other metallic ions is produced by absorption or ion exchange on the basis of nano material. The products (HTB) are characterized by widely suitable, security, durable, heat resistant and good property of broad-spectrum anti-bacterial. The series of the product should be selected according to different usage.
Characteristics of the Product:Compared with organic anti-bacterial, the product of inorganic anti-bacterial has the properties of high temperature resistant, high security and long-term sterilization. It can be dispersed in water and organic solvent. The powder is uniformly distributed and its surface has been treated to be well compatibility with the base materials and have good dispersion in the base materials. The product can resist 350℃ processing temperature of the plastic and have no effect on the process ability or other application performances of the materials. The series of the anti-bacterial materials has the properties of washing resistance, no aging at exposing light and no resistance to drug of the bacteria. It has an intensive effect to almost all the fungus (including bacteria, fungi, barm, mildew and alga etc).
Scope of Application:
1.Textile fiber product: clothes, bedding, curtain, table cloth and towel.
2.Plastic product for commodity: decorated materials, toilet, cosmetic container, travelling bag and hand bag.
3. Equipment of water treatment: water purifier.
4.Ceramic materials: china sanitary ware, floor brick and wall brick.
5.Home appliances: fridge, washing machine, air condition, computer, lamps and camera.
6.Decorated materials: coating, wall paper, wall cloth and kinds of indoor decorated materials.
7.Packing material

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