Titanium Carbide Nanopowder 30-50 nm


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Product name:Titanium Carbide Nanopowder 30-50 nm

Titanium Carbide Nanopowder
97-99% , 30-50 nm
Product Descriptions:
Chemical formula: TiC
Purity: 97.5-99%
[O]:< 1.25%
Free Carbon: <0.75%
[Cl] <0.25%
APS: 30-50nm
SSA: 75 m2/g
Crystal cell: Cubic
True density: 4.93 g/cm3
Bulk density: 0.08 g/cm3
Color: black

General properties & features:
TiC ceramic materials is harder than SiC ceramic, ductile, anti-high temperature, anti-creep, anti-oxidization anti-corrosion, good thermal and electric conductivity and bio-compatible.

For TiC nanomaterials, it provides higher activity, lower sintering temperature, higher ductile & strength and 80% higher reflection of UV light.

1) It may be used as abrasives, as enhancement or particle coating, can improve wear resistance of hard alloys, bearings alloy, nozzles, model, cutting tool and nano ceramic composited with TiN, WC, Al2O3 especially for petrochemical & refractory uses.
2) It may be utilized for optical use (hard and transparent).
3) Nucleating/conductive filler for smaller grain size with improved mechanical & conductive properties etc. for plastics.

Notes: The nanopowder needs to avoid direct sunshine. Moisture will result for agglomerations.

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