Metal Materials

Nonferrous metal, Rare metals, Rare And Noble Metal, Metal powder

  • Tetrachloroauric(III) acid hydrate

    Tetrachloroauric(III) acid hydrate

    Product name:Tetrachloroauric(III) acid hydrate CAS: 27988-77-8 Molecular Formula: HAuCl4.xH2O Molecular weight:339.78
  • Tellurium dioxide

    Tellurium dioxide

    Product name:Tellurium dioxide CAS: 7446-07-3 Molecular Formula: TeO2 Molecular weight:159.60 Appearance:white crystalline powder Product description...
  • Strontium perchlorate trihydrate

    Strontium perchlorate trihydrate

    Product name:Strontium perchlorate trihydrate CAS: 15650-09-6 Molecular Formula: SrCl2O8.3H2O Molecular weight:340.57
  • Strontium perchlorate

    Strontium perchlorate

    Product name:Strontium perchlorate CAS: 13450-97-0 Molecular Formula: Sr(ClO4)2 Molecular weight:286.52 Appearance:white powder Product description :Oxidant.
  • Strontium oxalate

    Strontium oxalate

    Product name:Strontium oxalate CAS: 814-95-9 Molecular Formula: SrC2O4 Molecular weight:175.64 Appearance:white powder Product description :For making...
  • Strontium chloride anhydrous

    Strontium chloride anhydrous

    Product name:Strontium chloride anhydrous CAS: 10476-85-4 Molecular Formula: SrCl2 Molecular weight:158.53 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used...
  • Strontium bromide monohydrate

    Strontium bromide monohydrate

    Product name:Strontium bromide monohydrate CAS: 14519-13-2 Molecular Formula: SrBr2.H2O Molecular weight:265.44
  • Strontium bromide anhydrous

    Strontium bromide anhydrous

    Product name:Strontium bromide anhydrous CAS: 10476-81-0 Molecular Formula: SrBr2 Molecular weight:247.43 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used...
  • Strontium acetate hemihydrate

    Strontium acetate hemihydrate

    Product name:Strontium acetate hemihydrate CAS: 14692-29-6 Molecular Formula: Sr(CH3COO)2.0.5H2O Molecular weight:214.72
  • Strontium sulfate

    Strontium sulfate

    Product name:Strontium sulfate CAS: 7759-02-6 Molecular Formula: SrSO4 Molecular weight:183.6 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used for...
  • Strontium carbonate

    Strontium carbonate

    Product name:Strontium carbonate CAS: 1633-05-2 Molecular Formula: SrCO3 Molecular weight:147.63 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used in...
  • Strontium nitrate

    Strontium nitrate

    Product name:Strontium nitrate CAS: 10042-76-9 Molecular Formula: N2O6Sr Molecular weight:211.63 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used in...
  • Strontium bromide hexahydrate

    Strontium bromide hexahydrate

    Product name:Strontium bromide hexahydrate CAS:7789-53-9 Molecular Formula: Br2H12O6Sr Molecular weight:355.52 Product description :Used as a sedative...
  • Stannic tetrachloride pentahydrate solution

    Stannic tetrachloride pentahydrate solution

    Product name:Stannic tetrachloride pentahydrate solution CAS: 10026-06-9 Molecular Formula: Cl4Sn.5H2O Molecular weight:350.58 Appearance:yellow liquid Product description :Used...
  • Sodium-DL-lactate


    Product name:Sodium-DL-lactate CAS: 72-17-3 Molecular Formula: C3H5NaO3 Molecular weight:112.06 Appearance:Light yellow liquid Product description :Used in...
  • Sodium tungstate dihydrate

    Sodium tungstate dihydrate

    Product name:Sodium tungstate dihydrate CAS: 10213-10-2 Molecular Formula: Na2WO4.2H2O Molecular weight:329.85 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used...
  • Sodium tetrafluoroborate

    Sodium tetrafluoroborate

    Product name:Sodium tetrafluoroborate CAS: 13755-29-8 Molecular Formula: NaBF4 Molecular weight:109.79 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used to prevent...
  • Sodium tetraethylborate

    Sodium tetraethylborate

    Product name:Sodium tetraethylborate CAS: 15523-24-7 Molecular Formula: (C2H5)4BNa Molecular weight:150.05
  • Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate

    Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate

    Product name:Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate CAS: 13874-02-7 Molecular Formula: NaAuCl4.2H2O Molecular weight:397.80 Appearance:yellow crystalline powder Product...
  • Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate

    Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate

    Product name:Sodium tetrachloraurate(III) dihydrate CAS: 13874-02-7 Molecular Formula: NaAuCl4.2H2O Molecular weight:397.80 Appearance:yellow crystalline powder Product...
  • Sodium sulfate

    Sodium sulfate

    Product name:Sodium sulfate CAS: 7757-82-6 Molecular Formula: Na2SO4 Molecular weight:142.04 Appearance:white powder Product description :Mainly used...
  • Sodium stannate anhydrous

    Sodium stannate anhydrous

    Product name:Sodium stannate anhydrous CAS: 12058-66-1 Molecular Formula: Na2SnO3 Molecular weight:212.69 Appearance:white powder Product description :Mainly...
  • Sodium selenite pentahydrate

    Sodium selenite pentahydrate

    Product name:Sodium selenite pentahydrate CAS: 26970-82-1 Molecular Formula: Na2SeO3.5H2O Molecular weight:263.01 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used...
  • Sodium selenite

    Sodium selenite

    Product name:Sodium selenite CAS: 10102-18-8 Molecular Formula: Na2SeO3 Molecular weight:172.94 Appearance:white powder Product description :Clinical used...
  • Sodium selenide

    Sodium selenide

    Product name:Sodium selenide CAS: 1313-85-5 Molecular Formula: Na2Se Molecular weight:124.94 Appearance:white crystalline powder Product description :Receptacle...
  • Sodium selenate decahydrate

    Sodium selenate decahydrate

    Product name:Sodium selenate decahydrate CAS: 10102-23-5 Molecular Formula: Na2SeO4.10H2O Molecular weight:369.06 Appearance:white crystalline powder Product...
  • Sodium peroxodisulfate

    Sodium peroxodisulfate

    Product name:Sodium peroxodisulfate CAS: 7775-27-1 Molecular Formula: Na2S2O8 Molecular weight:238.10 Appearance:white crystalline powder Product description :The...
  • Sodium oxalate

    Sodium oxalate

    Product name:Sodium oxalate CAS: 62-76-0 Molecular Formula: Na2(C2O4) Molecular weight:134.00 Appearance:white crystalline powder Product description :Mainly...

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Product identification and testing

Trade mark and batch number issues.


Product appearance inspection

Check the product appearance whether there is any breakage.Products that meet the requirements can be released. Conversely, unqualified products should be reworked or repaired in time, and will not be released until the inspection is qualified.

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