Metal Materials

Nonferrous metal, Rare metals, Rare And Noble Metal, Metal powder

  • Neodymium (III) iodide

    Neodymium (III) iodide

    Product name:Neodymium (III) iodide CAS:13813-24-6 Molecular formula: NdI3 Molecular Weight: 524.94 Description: Purity:  99.9% Melting Point: ...
  • Cerium (III) iodide

    Cerium (III) iodide

    Product name:Cerium (III) iodide Other names:Cerium iodide CAS:7790-87-6 Molecular formula: CeI3 Product discription: Appearence:rhomboidal Melting point:...
  • Aluminium iodide

    Aluminium iodide

    Product name:Aluminium iodide Other names: Aluminium(III) iodide;Aluminium triiodide;Aluminum iodide CAS:7784-23-8 Molecular formula: AlI3 Molecular Weight: 407.69495 g/mol...
  • Nanometer Tin Powder

    Bismuth(III) iodide

    Product name:Bismuth(III) iodide Other names: Bismuth iodide, bismuth triiodide CAS:7787-64-6 Molecular formula: BiI3 Molecular Weight: 589.69 g/mol...
  • Antimony triiodide

    Antimony triiodide

    Product name:Antimony triiodide CAS: 7790-44-5 Molecular formula: SbI3 Molecular Weight: 502.473 g/mol Description:Antimony triiodide is a chemical...
  • Lead (II) iodide

    Lead (II) iodide

    Product name:Lead (II) iodide Other names: Plumbous iodide CAS:10101-63-0 Molecular formula: PbI2 Molecular Weight: 461.01 g/mol...
  • Tin(II) iodide

    Tin(II) iodide

    Product name:Tin(II) iodide Other names: Stannous iodide CAS:10294-70-9 Molecular formula: SnI2 Molecular Weight: 372.519 g/mol Appearance: red...
  • Thallium(I) iodide

    Thallium(I) iodide

    Product name:Thallium(I) iodide Other names:Thallium monoiodide;Thallous iodide CAS:7790-30-9 Molecular formula: TlI Molecular Weight: 331.29 g/mol Description:Thallium(I)...
  • Indium iodide

    Indium iodide

    Product name:Indium iodide Other names:Indium triiodide;Indium triodide CAS:13510-35-5 Molecular formula:InI3 Molecular Weight: 495.53g/mol Description:Heated to...
  • Gallium(III) iodide

    Gallium(III) iodide

    Product name:Gallium(III) iodide Other names:Gallium triiodide CAS:13450-91-4 Molecular formula: Ga2I6 Molecular Weight: 450.436 g/mol Description:Gallium(III) iodide...
  • Cobalt(II) iodide

    Cobalt(II) iodide

    Product name:Cobalt(II) iodide Other names:cobaltous iodide, cobalt diiodide CAS:15238-00-3   Molecular formula: CoI2 Molecular Weight: 312.7421 g/mol...
  • Ferrous iodide

    Ferrous iodide

    Product name:Ferrous iodide CAS:7783-86-0 Molecular formula:FeI2 Density:2.873 Description:Ferrous iodide is an useful iodine source for...
  • Strontium iodide

    Strontium iodide

    Product name:Strontium iodide CAS:0476-86-5 Molecular formula: SrI2 Molecular Weight:  341.43 g/mol Description:Strontium iodide is a salt...
  • Scandium iodide

    Scandium iodide

    Product name:Scandium iodide CAS:14474-33-0 Molecular formula:ScI3 Description:Scandium iodide can be added to mercury vapor lamps...
  • Caesium iodide

    Caesium iodide

    Product name:Caesium iodide CAS:7789-17-5  Molecular formula: CsI Molecular Weight: 259.81 Description:Caesium iodide (American English: Cesium iodide) (CsI)...
  • Potassium iodide

    Potassium iodide

    Product name:Potassium iodide CAS:7681-11-0 Molecular formula: KI Molecular Weight: 166.0028 Description:Potassium iodide is an inorganic...
  • Sodium iodide

    Sodium iodide

    Product name:Sodium iodide CAS:7681-82-5 Molecular formula: NaI Molecular Weight:  149.894 g/mol Description:Sodium iodide is a...
  • Lithium iodide

    Lithium iodide

    Product name:Lithium iodide CAS: 10377-51-2 Molecular formula: LiI Molecular Weight: 133.85 Description:Lithium iodide, or LiI, is...
  • Phosphors for White LED

    Phosphors for White LED

    Product name:Phosphors for White LED Appearence:Powder Description:It can be coated on chips of UV LED...
  • Phosphors for Fluorescent HPMV Lamps

    Phosphors for Fluorescent HPMV Lamps

    Product name:Phosphors for Fluorescent HPMV Lamps Appearence:White powder Description:It can be used in HPMV lamps...
  • Long Persistence Phosphors

    Long Persistence Phosphors

    Product name:Long Persistence Phosphors Description:Powder,white body color,automatically emit blue-green light in dark.
  • Ultra-violent Emmission Posphors

    Ultra-violent Emmission Posphors

    Product name:Ultra-violent Emmission Posphors Appearence:White powder Description:Can be excitatied by254nm wavlength ultra-violent,then emmission 301,311,355,370nm wavelength...
  • Phosphors for plasma display panel

    Phosphors for plasma display panel

    Product name:Phosphors for plasma display panel Description:There are red, blue, green phosphors.They are powder with...
  • Electrolytic MnO2 titanium base alloy coating anode

    Electrolytic MnO2 titanium base alloy coating anode

    Product name:Electrolytic MnO2 titanium base alloy coating anode Electrode: Cell voltage: into the slot 1.9 –...
  • Gallium


    Product name:Gallium Symbol: Ga Atomic Number: 31 Atomic weight: 69.723 Description: Gallium is a chemical element....
  • Indium


    Product name: Indium Symbol: In Atomic Number: 49 Atomic weight: 114.818 Description: Indium is a chemical element. This...
  • Thallium


    Product name:Thallium Symbol: Tl Atomic Number: 81 Atomic weight: 204.3833 Description: Thallium is a chemical element. This...
  • Selenium


    Product name: Selenium Symbol: Se Atomic Number: 34 Atomic weight: 78.96 Description: Selenium is a chemical element with...

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