Metal Materials

Nonferrous metal, Rare metals, Rare And Noble Metal, Metal powder

  • High Purity Boron Powder

    High Purity Boron Powder

    Product name:High Purity Boron Powder CAS: 7440-42-8 Molecular Formula: B Molecular weight: 10.81 Description:Slight soluble in nitric...
  • Molybdenum Powder

    Molybdenum Powder

    Product name:Molybdenum Powder CAS: 7439-98-7 Molecular Formula: Mo Molecular weight: 95.94 Description:Molybdenum powder is the raw material...
  • Water Atomized Copper Powder with low apparent density

    Water Atomized Copper Powder with low apparent density

    Product name:Water Atomized Copper Powder with low apparent density Properties and character: light rosy irrgular...
  • Tungsten carbide powder

    Tungsten carbide powder

    Product name : Tungsten carbide powder CAS . : 12070-12-1 Molecular formula : WC Molecular Weight : 195.86...
  • Tin Powder

    Tin Powder

    Product name : Tin Powder CAS : 7440-31-5 Molecular Formula : Sn Molecular weight : 118.71 Description :...
  • Electrolytic nickel powder

    Electrolytic nickel powder

    Product name:Electrolytic nickel powder CAS . : 7440-02-0 Apparence:greyish-black,irregular dendritic powder Description:High chemical purity, particle...
  • Copper(II) oxide powder

    Copper(II) oxide powder

    Product name : Copper(II) oxide powder CAS : 1317-38-0 Molecular formula : CuO Molecular Weight :  79.545...
  • Cu-Sn 10 powder

    Cu-Sn 10 powder

    Product name : Cu-Sn 10 powder Properties and character : Orange yellow irregular shape Main chemical composition(%)...
  • Fine Cobalt Powder

    Fine Cobalt Powder

    Product name : Fine Cobalt Powder CAS : 7440-48-4 Molecular Formula : Co Molecular weight: 58.93 Description :...
  • Titanium Powder

    Titanium Powder

    Product name : Titanium Powder CAS :  7440-32-6 Molecular Formula : Ti Molecular weight : 47.90 Description : Titanium...
  • Samarium metal

    Samarium metal

    Product name: Samarium metal Symbol: Sm Atomic Number: 62 Atomic weight: 150.36g/mol Description: Samarium is a chemical element.Samarium metal,the...
  • Yttrium metal

    Yttrium metal

    Product name:Yttrium metal Symbol: Y Atomic Number: 39 Atomic weight: 88.90585g/mol Description: Yttrium is a chemical element ....
  • Phosphors for CCFL

    Phosphors for CCFL

    Product name:Phosphors for CCFL Appearence:white powder Description:Phosphors for CCFL have high luminescent efficiency and can...
  • Phosphors for Ornament

    Phosphors for Ornament

    Product name:Phosphors for Ornament Appearence:Powder Description:Phosphors for Ornament can be excitated by 365nm UV.It can...
  • Phosphors for Tri-color Fluorescent Lamp

    Phosphors for Tri-color Fluorescent Lamp

    Product name:Phosphors for Tri-color Fluorescent Lamp Description:The phosphors for tri-color lamps consist of red,green and...
  • Phospors for Ozalid Print Lamps

    Phospors for Ozalid Print Lamps

    Product name:Phospors for Ozalid Print Lamps Appearence:white powder Description:It can be used in diazo copy...
  • Dysprosium(III) bromide

    Dysprosium(III) bromide

    Product name:Dysprosium(III) bromide CAS:14456-48-5 Molecular formula: Br3Dy Molecular Weight: 402.21g/mol Description:Can be used in high intensity lighting....
  • Thallium(I) bromide

    Thallium(I) bromide

    Product name:Thallium(I) bromide Other names: Thallium monobromide CAS:7789-40-4 Molecular formula: TlBr Molecular Weight: 284.29 g/mol Description:Thallium(I) bromide...
  • Caesium bromide

    Caesium bromide

    Product name:Caesium bromide Other names:Cesium bromide,Caesium(I) bromide CAS:7787-69-1 Molecular formula: CsBr Molecular Weight: 212.81 g/mol Description:Caesium...
  • Potassium bromide

    Potassium bromide

    Product name:Potassium bromide CAS:7758-02 Molecular formula:  KBr Molecular Weight:  119.002 g/mol Description:Potassium bromide is a...
  • Sodium bromide

    Sodium bromide

    Product name:Sodium bromide CAS:7647-15-6 Molecular formula: NaBr Molecular Weight: 102.894 g/mol Description:Sodium bromide, also known as...
  • Mercury(I) bromide

    Mercury(I) bromide

    Product name:Mercury(I) bromide CAS:15385-58-7 Molecular formula: Hg2Br2 Molecular Weight: 560.99 g/mol Description:Mercury(I) bromide or mercurous bromide is...
  • Mercury(II) iodide

    Mercury(II) iodide

    Product name:Mercury(II) iodide Other names: Mercuric iodide CAS:7774-29-0  Molecular formula: HgI2 Molecular Weight:  454.40 g/mol Description:Mercury(II)...
  • Gadolinium(iii) iodide

    Gadolinium(iii) iodide

    Product name:Gadolinium(iii) iodide CAS:13572-98-0 Molecular formula: GdI3 Molecular Weight:537.963410 g/mol Description: Melting point: 926°C White to...
  • Thulium(iii) iodide

    Thulium(iii) iodide

    Product name:Thulium(iii) iodide CAS:13813-43-9 Molecular formula: TmI3 Molecular Weight:549.65 Description: Appearence:powder Melting point: 1015°C Boiling point:...
  • Erbium iodide

    Erbium iodide

    Product name:Erbium iodide CAS:13813-42-8 Molecular formula: ErI3 Molecular Weight: 547.97 Description: Appearence:powder Melting point:1020°C Boiling point:1280°C...
  • Holmium(III) iodide

    Holmium(III) iodide

    Product name:Holmium(III) iodide CAS:13813-41-7 Molecular formula: HoI3 Molecular Weight:545.64g/mol Description: Appearence:light yellow flake
  • Dysprosium(III) iodide

    Dysprosium(III) iodide

    Product name:Dysprosium(III) iodide CAS:15474-63-2 Molecular formula: DyI3 Molecular Weight: 543.21g/mol Description: Melting point: 955°C Boiling point: 1320°C

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