Metal Materials

Nonferrous metal, Rare metals, Rare And Noble Metal, Metal powder

  • Zirconium Silicide

    Zirconium Silicide

    Product name:Zirconium Silicide CAS: 12039-90-6 Molecular Formula: ZRSI2 Molecular weight:147.39 Appearance:gray powder Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure to...
  • Titanium Silicide

    Titanium Silicide

    Product name:Titanium Silicide CAS: 12039-83-7 Molecular Formula: H12Si2Ti Molecular weight:116.1333 Appearance:black powder Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep...
  • Inconel-718

    Inconel 718

    Product name:Inconel 718 Appearance:silvery white solid Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry Product description :Inconel718...
  • Iridium powder

    Iridium powder

    Product name:Iridium powder CAS: 7439-88-5 Molecular Formula: Ir Molecular weight:192.2 Appearance:silvery white powder Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure to...
  • Titanium Carbide Nanopowder

    Titanium Carbide Nanopowder

    Product name:Titanium Carbide Nanopowder Appearance:Black Powder Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry Product description :A...
  • Iron oxide nanoparticles

    Iron oxide nanoparticles

    Product name:Iron oxide nanoparticles CAS: 1309-37-1 Molecular Formula: Fe2O3 Molecular weight:159.69 Appearance:Orange and purple trigonal system of...
  • Liquid hg(silver)

    Liquid hg(silver)

    Product name:Liquid hg(silver) CAS: 7439-97-6 Molecular Formula: Hg Molecular weight:200.59 Appearance:Silvery white liquid metal Purity:99% Storage:Avoid exposure...
  • Zinc sulfide

    Zinc sulfide

    Product name:Zinc sulfide CAS:1314-98-3 Molecular Formula:SZn Molecular weight:97.46 Appearance:White or yellowish powder, and sulfur smell...
  • Lanthanum titanium oxide

    Lanthanum titanium oxide

    Product name:Lanthanum titanium oxide CAS: 12031-47-9 Molecular Formula: La2O7Ti2 Molecular weight:485.54 Appearance:grey balck powder Product description :A...
  • Niobium pentoxide

    Niobium pentoxide

    Product name:Niobium pentoxide CAS: 1313-96-8 Molecular Formula: Nb2O5 Molecular weight:265.8098 Appearance:white powder Product description :Niobium pentoxide is...
  • Tantalum pentoxide

    Tantalum pentoxide

    Product name:Tantalum pentoxide CAS: 1314-61-0 Molecular Formula: O5Ta2 Molecular weight:441.89 Appearance:grey powder Product description :Tantalum oxide of the...
  • Zirconium monoxide

    Zirconium monoxide

    Product name:Zirconium monoxide CAS: 12036-01-0 Molecular Formula: ZrO2 Molecular weight:123.22 Appearance:black grey powder Product description:Zirconium monoxide...
  • Silicon monoxide

    Silicon monoxide

    Product name:Silicon monoxide CAS: 10097-28-6 Molecular Formula:OSi Molecular weight:44.0838 Appearance:black powder Product description :Insoluble in water, soluble...
  • Titanium sesquioxide

    Titanium sesquioxide

    Product name:Titanium sesquioxide CAS: 1344-54-3 Molecular Formula: O3Ti2 Molecular weight:143.73 Appearance:Purple powder Product description :Hydrofluoric acid soluble...
  • Titanium monoxide

    Titanium monoxide

    Product name:Titanium monoxide CAS: 12137-20-1 Molecular Formula: OTi Molecular weight:63.87 Appearance:Golden yellow powder Product description :Insoluble in water,...
  • Trititanium pentoxide

    Trititanium pentoxide

    Product name:Trititanium pentoxide CAS: 12065-65-5 Molecular Formula: O5Ti2 Molecular weight:175.731 Appearance:Purple black powder Product description :Vacuum coating...
  • Zinc selenide

    Zinc selenide

    Product name:Zinc selenide CAS: 1315-09-9 Molecular Formula: SeZn Molecular weight:144.35 Appearance:Yellow crystal Product description :Zinc Selenide...
  • Stainless steel powder

    Stainless steel powder

    Product name:Stainless steel powder Density : 7.55g/cm3 Average Particle Size:<33μm Use :Mainly used for maintenance coating, heat...
  • Cerium metal powder

    Cerium metal powder

    Product name:Cerium metal powder Molecular Formula: Ce Appearance:dark brown metal powder Product description :Cerium metal powder special...
  • Osmium


    Product name:Osmium CAS: 7440-04-2 Molecular Formula: Os Molecular weight:190.2 Appearance:blue and white metal Product description :Used...
  • Ruthenium ingot

    Ruthenium ingot

    Product name:Ruthenium ingot CAS: 7440-18-8 Molecular Formula: Ru Molecular weight:101.07 Appearance:powder Product description :Used as a...
  • Zinc hydroxide

    Zinc hydroxide

    Product name:Zinc hydroxide CAS: 20427-58-1 Molecular Formula: Zn(OH)2 Molecular weight:99.38 Appearance:pale yellow powder Product description :Used...
  • Zinc(II) sulfide

    Zinc(II) sulfide

    Product name:Zinc(II) sulfide CAS: 1314-98-3 Molecular Formula: ZnS Molecular weight:97.46 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used for analysis...
  • Zinc sulfate heptahydrate solution

    Zinc sulfate heptahydrate solution

    Product name:Zinc sulfate heptahydrate solution CAS: 7446-20-0 Molecular Formula: ZnSO4.7H2O Molecular weight:287.56 Appearance:colourless liquid Product description :Used...
  • Zinc sulfate heptahydrate

    Zinc sulfate heptahydrate

    Product name:Zinc sulfate heptahydrate CAS: 7446-20-0 Molecular Formula: ZnSO4.7H2O Molecular weight:287.56 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used...
  • Zinc oxide

    Zinc oxide

    Product name:Zinc oxide CAS: 1314-13-2 Molecular Formula: ZnO Molecular weight:81.39 Appearance:white powder Product description :Used for...
  • Zinc oxalate dihydrate

    Zinc oxalate dihydrate

    Product name:Zinc oxalate dihydrate CAS: 547-62-2 Molecular Formula: ZnC2O4.2H2O Molecular weight:189.44 Appearance:white powder Product description :Poorly soluble...
  • Zinc oleate

    Zinc oleate

    Product name:Zinc oleate CAS: 557-07-3 Molecular Formula: C36H66O4Zn Molecular weight:628.30 Appearance:white crystalline Product description :Used in...

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Product appearance inspection

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