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Green Stone Swiss Co ., ltd.

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Shanghai Office: 168 Zhonggu Rd, Pingpu District, Shanghai, China.
Xiamen Office: 106, Houdaixi Road, Xiamen, China.


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+86 189 6515 7632


+86 189 6515 7632

Our Sales Director
Steven Lin

Steven Lin

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 136 9695 0872

Our VP sales manager has over 25 years of management experience in all leadership roles.

Estella Zeng

Estella Zeng

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 173 0600 2753

Estella Zeng is responsible for all lead generation, customer service, and marketing operations.

Daisy Dai

Daisy Dai

WhatsApp/QQ/Skype/Mob: +86 189 6516 2351

Daisy Dai is responsible for the global sales, service and channel expansion into the European market.

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Green Stone Swiss Co ., ltd.

Your Trusted Metal Materials and Nano Materials Professional Service Provider.

Green Stone Swiss Co ., ltd. focuses on research and development of Metallic powders, Metal Compounds, Nano powders. We can customize products according to customers’ special requirements.


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