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Carbonyl Iron INN Powder

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Carbonyl Iron INN Powder

Product Name: Carbonyl Iron INN Powder


Carbonyl Iron INN powder is used to react with iron in high temperature and high pressure, producing 5 carbonyl iron oil, and then being separated by low pressure to get the product.



Features and applications:

1.Traditional powder metallurgy and injection molding

2.Iron powder core: Because it has small particle size (10um or less), good activity, irregular shape (onion head layer structure), carbonyl iron powder has high flux ratio at high frequency and ultra high frequency, and it is also widely used in the manufacture of magnetic materials. It has an irreplaceable role in the production of high-frequency iron powder cores.

3.Diamond tools: Traditional high-performance diamond tools use expensive cobalt powder as the matrix. Recent research and production have shown that the use of carbonyl iron powder can reduce the amount of Co powder and achieve a relatively high performance.

4.Diamond catalyst: Synthetic diamond catalyst has no market in China.

5.Nutritional iron supplements: The carbonyl iron powder of American ISP company has been officially approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and can be directly added to food as iron supplements.

6.Microwave absorption material: The application of carbonyl iron powder in the field of national defense.






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